Go Diving Show Registration

Welcome to the registration page for the Go Diving Show. This year, we are elevating the experience with our newly introduced technology designed to connect visitors and exhibitors effortlessly. With our advanced integrated artificial intelligence, you will be able to capture all crucial information and the most enticing offers from the exhibitors.

Please note that individual registration is mandatory for all attendees. We provide two distinct registration categories that govern system feature access and the level of interaction with exhibitors.

  1. Visitor Registration: This is the standard ticket category designed for general consumers. Post registration, your profile will be kept private on our platform. Exhibitors will be granted access to contact you only if there has been prior interaction on the platform - either through lead scanning or if you have marked their brand, product, or exhibitor page as your favourite. Includes Ocean Film Festival
    1. Children under 10: They can be added to a parent's booking as an accompanying person. A separate ticket will not be issued for them.

    2. Children aged 10-14: Registration requires a unique email address distinct from the accompanying adult. This is mandatory to reserve space on try-dives and to engage in show activities. Networking features have been disabled for this ticket type, and communication is restricted to only what's essential for participation in show activities.

  1. Trade Registration: This ticket category is exclusively for industry professionals. Credential submission is required during registration. Post registration, your profile will be made publicly accessible to exhibitors, who can then contact you before, during, and after the show. Our AI will provide match recommendations between you and the exhibitors and other trade professionals based on the information provided in your profile. Includes Ocean Film Festival
WARNING: Selecting the Trade Registration and failing to provide the correct credentials will result in the registration being rejected. If you are unsure if you qualify for Trade Registration, the likelihood is you should be registering as a Visitor.
  1. Ocean Film Festival: This ticket category gives you access to the evening showing of the Ocean Film Festival from 18:30.

GROUP BOOKINGS - If you are looking to register 5 or more people and they cannot register individually, a list can be emailed to with a list of unique email addresses and first and last names. Upon receipt of the email, we will send a ticket payment link. Once paid, users will be imported, generating a ticket sent to the email address supplied. Valid for Visitor Admission tickets only, Trade Admission must register individually.

We look forward to welcoming you to an event designed to transform your diving experience. Register today and get ready to dive into the future of underwater exploration.

Please be aware of the following important notes:

  • Third-party contractors manage pool sessions, and although we endeavour to guarantee these occur as scheduled, we are not responsible for any cancellations initiated by the contractors.
  • While we are committed to ensuring the availability of speakers during the show weekend, unforeseen circumstances, such as changes in filming schedules, might necessitate speaker replacements at short notice. We guarantee that any replacement will be a speaker of comparable stature.

If you have ANY registration problems, email

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