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The Islands of Tahiti

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Surround yourself in an ocean of beauty while diving in The Islands of Tahiti. Here you’ll dive in the presence of deep-sea giants such as sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins, and whales. Our waters are teeming with life where each dive brings a new treasure to uncover and a new story for you to share once you make your way back to land.

There are countless dive sites in The Islands of Tahiti, each of them unique and offering a magical and unforgettable experience. Try Fakarava’s famous ‘wall of sharks’ in the Tuamotu Islands. The atoll has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. If you’re staying in the Society Islands, opt for Moorea, just 30 minutes by ferry from Tahiti. The island also boasts breathtaking diving sites. In The Islands of Tahiti, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

There’s a vast choice of dive spots in the lagoons, on the reefs and in the passes of The Islands of Tahiti. Whether you’re an accomplished diver or a complete beginner, you’ll be amazed by the quantities of tropical fish and colourful corals, as well as the sheer variety of marine life in the clear warm waters.


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